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Everybody has a story and every story matters. It can bring a smile on your face, tears in your eyes, or seed a thought in your heart and mind. I love to hear stories which the conscious mind cannot recall on a sudden prompt, but if stirred a bit, the subconscious mind can bring them back. They can be stories of childhood, stories of long journeys, stories of joy, stories of sorrow. I started a YouTube channel with a friend of my uncle in second year of university (2017) to collect stories. I would contact people, help them stir their hearts and minds to bring a story from the treasures of time, and organize everything else. The recording would be done by my partner. I continued it for two years, and then life got busy in internships and the job hunt; I moved countries and couldn’t continue the shoots with my partner.

Recently, I decided to resume this passion of mine. I don’t have the fancy equipments my partner had then, but stories don’t need fancy equipments, do they? I am using a Pixel 5 and hence you will notice difference in video quality when you look at the recent video and other videos. I hope to continue curating content for the channel and listening to stories.

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