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welcome to my art blog

Hey, thanks for stopping by!

I am Vansika Pareek and this is my little art corner. I have moods and in those moods I jump between painting, writing, photography…

I started writing in 12th Standard and wrote extensively until second year of college. I also maintained a blog called @Brooding Secrets back then. Amidst an internship, interview preps, and finally a job, I fell out with writing. I started feeling for painting and photography towards the end of 2020 and since then have been writing, painting, snapping photos, and trying out other recreational activities.

I am awful at documenting what I do. I wrote in random notebooks which might have landed in trash bins. I painted on papers which I don’t know where to find. I clicked people and places which are submerged in the unorganized gallery of mine.

So, this blog is my personal digital space; an attempt to document what I do and give people a sneak peek in. Everything you find on this website (except the above photo) is created or captured by me. I hope you have a nice time in my art corner.

A big hug!

The cover photo was taken near Theth, Albania.

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